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Best dam run : Laughlin

December 2017

“You only feel motivated to do the things that are easy” - Mel Robbins

So my dad invited me to go with him to roll with him to laughlin, nevada to support him in one of his runs. He's been interested in running for as long as I can remember and in the recent years has gotten more and more consistent. Running and hiking daily, changing his diet, but above all consistency.

I’ve been listening to a lot of alan watts, gary vee, Simon Sinek, amongst others. A perspective that I had heard and reheard as of recently is one of motivation is bull shit from Mel Robbins. What???!! Thats what I said, nonetheless it lingers and pops into my head. The premise being that our brain, physiological make up, etc. is designed to protect us, to stop you at all cost! That is if we are going to or considering engaging in something that we might fail at, might injure us, or simply not be great at, our brain is designed to deter you from this danger! If you run into a wild bear in the forest your brain will tell you flight over fight, because chances are you will loose! (dont fight bears!) This is an extreme example but we encounter these situations daily, from the smallest of task of speaking up, jumping in a cypher, running in a race you are not trained for, to major choices and risk. Relationships, jobs, adventures, things that could alter your life forever. This theory gives us the perspective that you have a few seconds to do it! If you hesitate and that window passes your brain kicks in and talks you out of it. It runs through all the risk of failure, injury, embarrassment and so on, it creates a spotlight effect that magnifies all of this.

“You are one decision from having a different life.” - Mel Robbins

I relate to this through Hip Hop and the craft of Breaking, specifically Cyphering. There have been countless times that I stepped to a cypher ready to rock, maybe even call someone out because the moment is there. I tell myself I'm next! I hesitate for one second and someone else jumps in, steps to who I wanted to call out and boom its the battle of the night, and classic that goes down in history, leveling up both dancers. That could of been me! But I hesitated, and or that shakes me to the point I don't jump in to dance and do what I love at all!! I remained Invisible. These tiny and seemingly unimportant moments stack up, create patterns to my life, and can feel overwhelming in your head.

Back to the race, I went with him and decided I am gonna run! Felt myself talking myself out of it and I said nope! Im running, period, no thinking! Mind you I like running but I don't run, I don't train, my dads a beast. This was uncomfortable to enter, but I set my mind on doing it and didn't let it talk me out of it, because it tried! I honestly wasn't sure if I could even finish it, it was only a 5k, but I knew there was a possibility that I could embarrass myself. I ran, I finished, almost threw up at the end (while my dad was on FB live of course!) I got myself through it, gained so much from the process that I can translate to other aspects of my life, and helped me to write this! I almost take myself out of writing this like I always do, why I haven't started a pod cast, because who cares? Who wants to listen or read? Who am i? I don't write well, Im not popular, I'm not, I'm not….STOP! I write to document and will post this knowing this might not go pass my eyes, and I'm good with it. I did it and will push to continue to push pass my brains design to protect me. Breaking habits! Shift your intention, 5,4,3,2,1…GO!

#run #dad #doit #motivation

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