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Cultural Diplomacy Tour..Part 2

Next Level:Team Morocco

…Part II…(separated by writing sessions)

I’ve chosen to separated these in a very natural and raw sense, rather than what might be “correct” or even make the most sense. I am continuing this blog on a flight home Post-Style Elements Anniversary ( whole other post) and post re-reading of most of the book, Foundation: b-boys, b-girls, and hip-hop culture in New York, written by Joseph G. Schloss. Does this make a difference in the outcome if I would of wrote or finished the piece pre-anniversary? I don't know. But here we are.

The day comes July 9th, 2017 and I arrive to Washington, I decide to ride the subway (metro) of course and walk the rest of the way to the hotel. I get distracted and roam into alleys to catch flicks of the local Aerosoul art and murals which to my content there was lots to see in different shapes, forms and sizes. From the HandStyles, to the throws, murals and sculptures it was enough to get me even more excited. I took notice to the make up of the people and its areas, the fashion I saw the language and slang I heard. As I walk in this welcoming humidity I arrive at a hotel set right in the middle of a neighborhood block. Different, but fresh hotel surrounded by homes, apartments, and condos was kind of nice. I arrived with little time before our initial informal greet and meet in the hotel meeting room. Made my way down and stepped into a formal style meeting room, tables set up in a connecting rectangle with some people standing talking, others sitting. Feeling nervous, not knowing what to expect? What was this REALLY about? Whats the catch? How do I fit in to this puzzle? Do I fit in?

Although I was familiar with past participants I had not had a chance to speak with anyone prior. I saw the homie “Midus”-sec/osa that I had just found out was also in the program for this go around, and so like the shy school boy that I am I took a seat after being greeted by Cole and saying whats up to Junious. We had folders, some paperwork and a glass of water at our seats. We quickly jumped into introductions by the Director Mark Katz, Assistant director Junious Brickhouse and the two site leaders Jaycee and Kane which I had just seen a picture from earlier of them on Instagram which gave me the ok I can dress how I like feeling so I stayed comfy. As we went around the room and people gave quick introductions, I quickly got a refreshing feeling, the feeling of being in a room of Hip Hop! That is of emcees, deejays, dancers, writers! The feeling you get one you show up to a jam for the first time and say to yourself, I'm home. These people feel just like me, but oh so different! So there it was, a very brief go around on names, your craft, what village do you come from. Now, we grub! (continued in part III)

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