Cultural Diplomacy Tour 2017

Cultural Diplomacy Tour 2017 Next Level:Team Morocco

Part I..

I was selected by the U.S. department of State to participate in the 2017-2018 Next Level program and will spend two weeks overseas in Morocco to lead art workshops that engage local artist and young people, encourage entrepreneurship, and promote conflict resolution. The Next Level program is designed to share America’s rich Hip Hop music, dance and visual art contributions to the global cultural scene as it fosters cross-cultural communication and people to people connections to global audiences.

With that being said I will be documenting this process thorough blogs, film and social media. I came across the program through social media and was immediately drawn to programs ideas and said purpose. I applied last year with a full application, videos and letters, a process in itself nonetheless. I put my best foot forward confident that my experience and work would secure me a position as a cultural ambassador. After what seemed an eternal wait I was notified that in fact I was not chosen. As anyone might be I was disappointed to say the least, and asked what I could do for the following season to enhance my work in hopes to apply the following season. I was told that my application was top notch and encouraged to reapply. I was hesitant when the next round came along, doubting myself and my work. Although I had felt this is what I am meant to do, share. Travel to every corner of the globe to build relationships and bring value to communities lead by youth movements and struggles. Obviously I re applied and the wait begun, I would follow up as often as I could without being overwhelming in my eagerness to know. A few months back I received the email congratulating me, followed by an email welcoming me to Team Morocco! As you can imagine I was very excited at the thought and the plans begun for my orientation in Washington where I would meet not only my team, the Next level teams and partners but all of the teams that would be deployed to several countries…

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