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Cultural Commodification

I saw a couple of post and discussions on social media today and caught myself about to write a ling response but instead I chose a short blog. This isn't to take away from those conversations or post, only to document them for future discussions on these topics and post. With that being said this was my post...

Lots of big stage contest/events going on this week/end all over the world. If this a post of this kind offends you then you might consider either stepping back or taking a closer look as to why (which can be one in the same)? I don't feel like people post these feelings to offend, rather to continue grass root efforts to preserve ethics, traditions and culture that millions of you "love" and plenty of you cash in on with no real interest or long term investment into the Culture. If your playing the ignorant role or you just don't care about it, that is your choice, as mentioned in the FB post there is no excuse for that anymore with technology at your fingertips, if your reading this you have the access. The stage competitions which if you pay attention, not even close attention, lol. They are built and run with the same business formula of the huge cheerleading competitions. I am not knocking it, but I do feel they are dishonestly PACKAGED to SELL. There is a much bigger issue at hand than keeping it real and that is Keeping it right. Cultural Commodification, the packaging so it sells to the masses and keeps us all "happy". Think about it, you want to remove the main ingredients from a universally delicious meal created by the hungry for the hungry, because the flavor is too much for the masses to take? Too spicy (offensive), too raw (accountability and transparency)? But still call it by its original name because its popular and sells? Listen you can add to it, mix and match with it, remix it and flip it according to the spices in your kitchen. But watering down is watering down, sells better, but at what cost and to whom? Who does this formula benefit? The Invisible Kidz in the ghettos where this was created? If you only take and don't give back you might be offended by words like Culture Vulture.

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