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Some of you know me as strictly BboyHouse of FuriousStylesCrew and maybe not as Housemen of Chicagos Most Wanted. I try to keep up with the culture as a whole and definitely places like the Home town of the Windy City. The homies at Power Style radio reached out to be a guest on the show! Of course I was immediately hype. More surprisingly as I did the interview I couldn't help but to feel that Chicago pride, memories that I hadn't thought or reflected on much or some at all. It made me appreciate all the neighborhoods, gangways, subways, bus stops, crews and music I was exposed and intermingled with. From mosh pits to House battles and Medusas, to trends at the Limelight, Chicago is my base and foundation as a dancer, artist and practitioner. So for all the nights at "Silver Sues" and Denny's arcades, to the lifestyles I saw at Century mall, my respects to all those who helped me through those times and shared in my youthful madness, Thanks for looking out for me and teaching me that if you survive in Chicago you can survive anywhere. I am now more inspired to build a platform such as power radio, a place for the Invisible Kidz to be heard, archived and added to the connecting puzzle of our Culture. I am putting it out in the air that I will actively contribute to the Chicago of today. Thank you PSRadio family for doing what you do. Click on logo or below for archived link of the interview.

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