So the idea of podcasting has been appearing to me a lot, realizing lots of the homies do or have done one, new ones are popping up all the time. My man Bboy Wicket put it in my sights again and then I was asked to do this WCW podcast. So in short, BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

Shout outs to Blesd1 and Les135 for having me on their spot. You always hear people say "yes, it was a lot of fun", so cliche but it was a lot of fun and has inspired even more to start my own very soon! I enjoyed this experience for many reasons but what certainly stands out is getting to "BreakBread" in a sense with cats you've known for years! But in one single conversation the level of respect and comfort to reach out to them and collaborate rises. I loved the fact that I was talking to Deejays, but cats from eras that the experience didnt feel that way. It felt like I am talking to Hip Hop heads we the same, we each have our crafts but one in the same. Maybe a podcast topic. Check out the convo, check out the mixes in between, and lets build!

#podcast #radio #interview #deejays #az #phoenix #blesd1 #les135 #Houseone #bboyHouse

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