This past weekend I went to the firs bi-annual West Coast S&P conference and returned with lots to say, don't worry I'll spread it out and add to this as I go. It was fresh connecting with some past and present inspirations, Ken Swift, Midus, Vizine, Macca, Katrina to name a few (check out the gallery) and got to meet some new friends as well from a variety of locations as far as Germany and New Zealand. Listened to lots of presentations, sweated a bit with Macca in her workshop, got to watch the epitome Kenny flex his pedagogical skillz. The last panel was y personal favorite, some great things that needed to be said were said and hopefully got people thinking, it has for me. It is showing up in my Hip Hop Aesthetics class tomorrow, I have the idea to connect social media and the classroom in order to open up a sort of live forum to cover our 90's section of the semester. But have opened it up on FB and invited as many as were allowed to join in on the conversation, separate blog. I will go back and add links to some fresh stuff I learned about and quote the appropriate people, one I heard was "Hip Hop is the Virus to the Matrix" - i'll find out.

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